Residency Program

At UIC we are dedicated to producing well rounded and superior Otolaryngology specialists. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse learning experience. Residents receive the opportunity to work with surgeons trained in all head and neck specialties, at multiple Chicago health systems, interacting with varied patient populations.

We foster camaraderie among our residents and faculty. Attendings provide quality instruction and offer mentorship and support as they invest in resident success. We value our hardworking residents and utilize their feedback to continually advance our program and graduate top-notch ENT surgeons.

2017-2018 Interview Dates
December 8th
December 9th
January 5th
Contact our Education Program Coordinator
Caleigh Shaw

To schedule an appointment: Call (866) 600-CARE

EEI Building- University West Campus

   1855 W Taylor, Suite 2.42
Chicago, IL - 60612


Bloomingdale's Building

   60 E Delaware, Suite 1460
Chicago, IL - 60611


Elmhurst Memorial Center for Health

  1200 S York Rd., Suite 4280
Elmhurst, IL - 60126